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Find your perfect yoga mat. We have a large range to suit all types of yoga, budgets and tastes. Including eco friendly yoga matsextra long matssticky mats, cheap matsthick mats and travel yoga mats.

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Phoenix Om Yoga Mat

Premium quality yoga mat with stunning Om design.

Price: £62.00
Infinity Yoga Mat

Studio quality anti-slip yoga mat blending high performance luxury with a sleek textured symmetrical design.

Price: £78.00
Chakra Yoga Mat

Chakra yoga mat featuring the seven chakras

Price: £25.00
Chandra Ashtanga Yoga Mat

Great for more vigorous forms of yoga e.g. Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power etc. Available in 2 lengths

Price: £34.00
Asana Sticky Yoga Mats Elephant & Yantra

Classic sticky mat with a choice of elephant and yantra designs

Price: £25.00
Phoenix Mandala Yoga Mat

Premium quality yoga mat with stunning mandala design.

Price: £62.00
Phoenix Yantra Yoga Mat

Premium quality ashtanga yoga mat with stylish yantra design.

Price: £62.00
Lotus Pro Yoga Mat

The Lotus Pro Yoga mat has excellent grip, is 6mm thick, double sided, soft, resilient and shock-absorbing.

Price: £36.00
ecoYoga Mat

An excellent mat for all types of yoga, and a mat which is kind to both you and the environment. 

Price: £45.00
Asana Yoga Mat

Great value for money classic sticky yoga mat offering excellent grip and cushioning.

Price: £16.50
Mandala Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat with Mandala design. Great for all styles of yoga. Available in 2 colour combinations.

Price: £25.00
Lotus Pro Lite Yoga Travel Mat

Lightweight yoga travel mat . Less than 1kg in weight. 4mm thick .

Price: £26.50
Shiva's Trident Yoga Mat

100% Cotton, traditional Indian yoga rug featuring Shiva's Trident. This rug will give you a stable, non-slip surface on which to practice.

Price: £28.00
Onyx Yoga Mat with Om or Mandala Design

Premium quality thick yoga mat with subtle Om or Mandala design.

Price: £42.00
Bodhi Anti Slip Towel

Ideal for extra grip and absorption of moisture on your yoga mat.

Price: £28.99