Yoga Blankets

Blankets are often used in yoga either rolled up as a yoga prop for support or at the end of a yoga practice during 'Savasana'. This is where there is calm, often with meditation where the blanket will offer warmth and comfort. These blankets can also be used in the home and make a lovely gift. 

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Asana Yoga Blankets

The Asana Yoga & Relaxation Blanket is a high quality, robust, soft, non-pilling fleece blanket.

Price: £22.00
Hygge Blanket

Beautiful Born Peaceful Hygge blanket with anti-pil ploar fleece. Great for apres yoga, as a gift or for the home. 

Price: £33.00
Bodhi Savasana Blanket

Savasana 100% cotton Yoga Blanket, available in three colours and featuring an embroidered Om in one corner.

Price: £22.00