ecoYoga Mat

ecoYoga Mat

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A mat which is kind to both you and the environment!  

• Suitable for beginners & experienced students alike 
• Machine washable  
• Contains latex  
• Made in the UK  
• Biodegradable (composting trials currently running)  
• Made from sustainable / plant-based materials  
• Practical  
• Ethical 

This yoga mat is unique in design, combining jute and natural rubber.  The mat has a pure rubber, embossed underside to grip the floor and jute fabric / rubber mix on the top which gives a highly durable, tactile and pleasantly natural surface on which to work.  The jute and rubber surface also allows superb grip for your practice.

This is what the manufacturers of the ecoyoga mat say...
'The ever increasing popularity of Yoga reflects the awareness of individuals to protect and promote health and well-being of body, mind and soul. If Yoga is the transformation of this inner environment it seems a natural progression that our awareness, our consciousness, be extended to the external world.'

Approximate Dimensions 

Unrolled:    183cm x 63cm x 4mm (approx)
Rolled:       11cm x 64cm (approx)
Weight:      2Kg(4.19lbs) (approx) 


• Let your mat breathe as much as possible, especially if you work up a sweat on  it. Wiping down with a damp cloth before and after class is good practice.
• The mats wash well in the washing machine through a cool cycle using a small amount of detergent if really dirty. They will retain a lot of water, so remove excess amounts by rolling up with a dry towel. Washing often in the machine is not recmmended though, as this will wash by wash dry out the hessian fibres making them more brittle.
• Dry flat to avoid creasing (though these will eventually smooth out).
• Do not tumble dry.
• Avoid contact with oils and store out of direct sunlight as both these will aid degradation of the rubber.

Price: £45.00