Vinyasa Yoga Workbook

Vinyasa Yoga Workbook

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These beautiful workbooks / notebooks can be used as a study aid, progress log or simply as an inspirational yoga notebook for your everyday musings. Featuring hand-sketched drawings and the names of asanas and plenty of room for notes and observations. It's compact size makes it easy to carry around with you. Also makes a lovely gift for any yoga lover.

Approx size: 15 x 21cm

This is what the manufacturer says: "The Vinyasa Yoga Workbook is based upon the Ashtanga style of yoga and modified to fit the faster nature and pace of Vinyasa. It’s made for those who need more force in their yoga and aim for a vigorous powerful sequence. The Vinyasa Yoga Workbook is thus made for the free spirits amongst you who don't like to be bound within a set of rules. With no set superimposed structure you may feel free to choose your own sequence of asanas as you see fit. As a tool to fully understand the anatomy, alignment and the technical details it is equally suitable if you are a teacher or a student, working in a group or alone, using it during teacher training, workshops or self-study."

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These workbooks / notebooks have beautifully hand-sketched drawings and can be used as a study aid or simply as a lovely notebook for everyday use. Also makes a very special present.

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