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Asana Large Yoga Brick Sage Green

Asana Large Yoga Brick Sage Green

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Single, extra-large Asana brick made from high-density EVA foam. A light, strong and professional yoga aid or yoga prop for your yoga exercises. This is a versatile tool, bigger than our standard brick and is a helpful aid, particularly for beginners and other students in achieving yoga poses such as Trikonasana Triangle pose, the Peacock pose Mayurasana or the Bridge pose Setu Bandha Sarvangasana. 3 different heights are possible simply by rotating the block and this can be particularly useful for better alignment and deepening stretches. Beautifully tactile and available here in sage green.
Recyclable. Wipe Clean.

Size: 228mm x 150mm x 90mm
Weight: 300g approx

Price: £11.00