Simply yoga products for men...
yoga mats
yoga mat bags
yoga clothes
yoga props
yoga gifts
yoga blankets
yoga mats

Yoga Mats

Yoga Mats for all types of yoga...
yoga mat bags

Yoga Mat Bags

Yoga Mat Bags to fit all yoga mats...
yoga clothing and clothes for men

Yoga Clothing

Trousers, shorts, vests, tshirts...
yoga accessories

Yoga Accessories

Blocks, straps, incense, cds...

More great yoga products...

blocks, bricks, straps and belts
Blocks, Bricks & Straps
Yoga blocks, bricks, straps, belts and props to assist your yoga practice.
eye pillows
Eye Pillows
Eye pillows for meditation and relaxation.
yoga gifts and presents
Gifts & Presents
Find the perfect yoga gift or present. Tokens & Instant Email Vouchers
yoga diary and journal
Yoga Diaries & Journals
Need to organise your life? Yoga themed diaries and planners.
mala beads and pendants
Mala Beads & Pendants
Traditional 108 bead Mala beads, pendants and necklaces.
yoga blankets for meditation
Blankets for extra cushioning or to keep you warm and relaxed.
yyoga kits
Yoga Kits
Save money when you buy a yoga kit from Yoga Bloke.
incense and holders
Incense and Holders
Incense and holders for meditation, yoga practice or the home.
music for yoga, meditation and relaxation
Music for Yoga
Music for yoga, meditation and relaxation.



Yoga Bloke is the yoga shop for men. Specialising in yoga clothing for men, yoga mats, yoga mat bags, yoga blocks bricks and straps. We also sell great gifts, diaries, journals, mala beads, yoga kits, cds, incense, eye pillows and blankets. Yoga Bloke has been supplying yoga equipment for many years now and is the brother site of Yoga Bliss. We are a family run business operating from the wonderful Hertfordshire countryside and our aims are simple - to provide quality yoga products to the yoga community. Whatever your yoga requirements we have something for you. Watch out for our special offers, discount codes and reduced to clear items too!